Sanitiser Stand with Dispenser Unit (Pedestal)

Sanitiser Stand with Dispenser Unit (Pedestal)

The We Sanitise Dispenser Station is the perfect solution for any venue looking to become COVID safe. Simply place one at the entrance of your venue and they will allow people to sanitise their hands upon entry as well as register their entry through the QR code printed on the front. Additionally, you can choose to have your own message printed on the front, such as a friendly reminder of COVID safety, the rules of the venue , or a quirky slogan of your choosing.


We Sanitiser Dispenser Stations offer an extensive range of customisation options with the choice of body colour, tray colour and a custom design for the front face.  


Customise the front face of your We Sanitise Dispenser Station today to include:

  • Your own business logo

  • Your own unique QR code

  • Your own personalised message; such as the procedures or rules of the venue

Include these customisations when you place your order to have them included on your personalised We Sanitise Dispenser Station.


The We Sanitise Dispenser Station includes:

  • Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Liquid Sanitisers)
  • We Sanitise Dispenser Station housing with drip tray
  • Pedestal
  • Batteries


** If you have chosen a custom front design for your dispenser station, simply email us the high resolution copy of your design to along with your order number at the time of order. 

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